In celebration of AIGA’s centennial and the profound impact of American design on our culture, this microsite acts as a living resource for design.

An innovative tool to enhance educational engagement and foster discourse, Global Crossroads is a dynamic, large-scale environmental installation driven by web technologies and content created within an accompanying web app.

The media wall broadcasts Occidental’s commitment to openness, academic excellence, global affairs, and visual literacy and serves as a physical reflection of the liberal arts experience and its commitment to inquiry and exploration.

The Global Crossroads web app brings together students, faculty, and administration in conversation about their work and the world.

This interactive table and wall experience with an accompanying online exhibition immerses visitors of all ages in the quest for justice and equality in the United States.

An innovative workshop empowered ordinary people to create extraordinary animations using their cell phone, the Vine app, and a little help from Verizon Wireless and its products.