In this fully immersive interactive game, visitors find themselves being led by the man in the hat through a series of virtual environments across time and place where the secret formula has been kept through the years.

In this immersive experience, visitors use their own virtual shadows to reveal hidden messages about the secret formula, while a mysterious figure attempts to thwart their efforts.

A grid of 16 screens shows visitors security camera feeds from within the exhibit galleries in real time, along with 3D building animations, real-time affected camera feeds, and secret messages that seem to come from a “ghost in the machine,” and visitor photos taken by two hidden cameras which add their faces to the display.

When they open a drawer, visitors are surprised to find a screen in which they are immersed in a 3D digital world with a mysterious character.

This cinematic media wall creates a captivating environment for visitors to interact through a fun, surprising, full body experience that reveals stories from around the world.

A dynamic gallery with interactive walls and reactive shadows introduces visitors to the excitement of deep space—along the way they meet a diversity of space explorers and are encouraged to inhabit the spirit of scientific exploration.